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Did you know in 2024 that it is projected that 88 percent of businesses that utilize a marketing strategy will increase or maintain their business which is an uptick from last year from 80 percent. We are in the data age; data helps drive decisions in many aspects of your business. Let us be that force multiplier for you. 

Mobile Optimization will be key to business success. Did you know that more than half of all websites are visited are visited from a mobile device? Let us help your website. Slow, laggy and broken websites deter potential customers which leaves money out of your pocket and into your competition. 

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At Up Shift we are committed to your business needs, from something as simple as a google business page, to a whole scale business build such as website, content, and all things marketing. Choosing Upshift will shift your business into the next gear.

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As small business owners, we understand that without customers you can not provide for your loved ones and grow your business to it’s full potential. By working with us we will provide you with the sustainable growth for the future. We are committed to you and your business needs whatever they may be!


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Being a business owner is a very dynamic environment, we understand that they come in all shapes and sizes. We customize your needs to you and what you need as business tailored to you and your business only. We do not upsell things that you do not need or would not provide benefit to you. All consultations are free of charge. 

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we’re not just passionate about marketing; we love sharing our knowledge and experience! Our team thrives on empowering clients with insights, strategies, and the latest trends in the ever-evolving digital landscape. From workshops to thought leadership content, we believe in creating a collaborative journey where knowledge becomes a catalyst for success. Join us in the pursuit of digital excellence, where learning and growth go hand in hand.

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We are here to assist you with all your social media needs, from starting the pages to running them. We understand that life is busy and you do not have the time to make posts, follow up with direct messages. That’s what we are for, lets put more time in your day to handle your day to day. 

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By investing in us you are investing in yourself and your business. We are in your corner from the first phone call, email, No matter what the scope or situation is. We are here to help you and grow your business. 

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Social Media

Unlock the power of Social Media Marketing and elevate your brand to new heights! Connect, engage, and influence your audience through strategic content, compelling visuals, and targeted campaigns. Maximize your online presence, drive traffic, and boost conversions with our data-driven approach. Let's turn likes into loyal customers and shares into brand advocates!


Boost your online visibility and dominate search results with the magic of SEO! Elevate your website's rankings, increase organic traffic, and outshine the competition. Our expert SEO strategies are tailored to enhance your online presence, ensuring your brand shines bright when it matters most. Let's climb the search engine ladder together and make your business the go-to destination!

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Elevate your business with strategic marketing that drives growth and boosts revenue! Increase brand visibility, attract new customers, and retain loyal patrons through targeted campaigns. From effective sales funnels to data-driven insights, we optimize every step of the journey. Let's position your brand for success, adapt to market changes, and unlock the full potential of your business!

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